Need a freelance writer for your blog?
Or maybe an experienced content strategist to help you get more out of content marketing?
Content marketing is a simple idea. It’s realizing lasting results that’s the headache for many marketers.
Let’s face it;
High competition makes improving your services or products more important that content creation.
You may have tried blogging before with unimpressive results.
You have a myriad of important tasks on your plate, but content creation isn’t among them.
You have a content plan but are struggling to implement it or scale its results.
These are the sad facts of running an online business but they are all true. I can help you.
My name is Dennis Muigai and I help awesome individuals like yourself source quality content for their blogs and get better results from their content marketing efforts.
I offer three main services:

  1. Blog content creation for entrepreneurs and marketers who know its value
  2. Content planning and strategy creation for clients who want to get more out of blogging
  3. Ghost writing for entrepreneurs and brands that need high-quality content published under their names.
    If you’re interested in discussing your next writing project, please send me an email at or fill the form below to contact me.
    If you not there yet, taking a look around my website might help you make the best decision you’ve ever made. I look forward to hearing from you.